About Us

Spun out of Dell’s Digital Innovation Lab in 2013, Predictive Science has benefited from $40M in total R&D investment to become one of the fastest growing tech startups in the country.

With our proprietary data, technology and processes, Predictive Science delivers audience intelligence answers better, faster and more affordably than anyone else. We work in all industries, with a specialty in wireless, cable, smart devices and consumer electronics.

Our team and technology will outperform any data science competitor or internal team at a cost savings of at least 25%. Our insights, software and pricing make us the leading data science provider in the US.

What We Do

Predictive Science is unmatched in quickly and cost effectively combining unique, structured and unstructured data sets with our proprietary, patented technology processes.

With Enterprise-level scalability, we are able to analyze volumes of disparate data and create simple views and stories to bring your audience to life. Understanding your audience multi-dimensionally via their behaviors, influencers, experiences, and interests allows you to choose the most appropriate messaging, programs, offers, and channels through which to engage with them.

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3711 S. Mopac Expressway, Building 1, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78735


(888) 836-4188

Jaime Cavazos

As VP of Project Management, Jaime brings his experience in engineering and management to make sure that Predictive Science hits their product launch goals. Jaime has been with Predictive Science since its founding in 2013.

Prior to joining Predictive Science, Jaime worked for Dell as an Applications Manager, where he was responsible for integrating and developing applications across a variety of platforms. Previously, Jaime has worked with a number of large technology and marketing companies, including startups, with a variety of roles in design and engineering.

Steve Tedjamulia

Prior to Predictive Science, Steven was the founder and executive practice lead for Dell’s Digital Strategy and Innovation consulting practice. He also served as the director and co-founder of Dell’s digital and social commerce innovation labs, where he led strategic efforts in creating, experimenting, partnering, and launching digital and big data technologies.

Steven serves on the boards of Brand Innovators, Digital Strategy Innovation Summit, Chief Strategy Officer Magazine, and Tech Media. He also continues to advise Carnival Cruise Lines, VMware, and Verizon’s digital executives.

Allison Dancy

Allison is a proven executive with over 20 year’s experience in sales and marketing. As Vice President of Marketing she is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of all aspects of marketing.

Prior to Predictive Science she was Vice President of Marketing for Hearst owned CDS Global, the worldwide leader in business process outsourcing for the magazine publishing industry. There she oversaw all marketing functions and spearheaded a global rebrand, launched a new website, and created sustainable processes around public relations, content marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, demand generation, and corporate events.

Before CDS Global Dancy held a variety of leadership roles in sales, partner channels, strategic alliances, demand generation & marketing at companies such as Lotus Development, IBM, Dell, and OpenText/Vignette.

Ryan Haws

Ryan earned a law degree with honors from George Washington University, and has spent his career practicing intellectual property and technology law with a focus on computer software and electronics. He leverages his technical background and legal experience to help Predictive Science stake out leading positions relating to its technology.

Prior to joining Predictive Science, Ryan worked at two of America’s largest law firms advising Fortune 500 companies and startups on patents, intellectual property protection, trade secrets, technology licensing, negotiations, and complex litigation.

Before pursuing law, Ryan earned an electrical engineering degree from Brigham Young University and worked as a Systems Engineer and software developer for Lockheed Martin where he oversaw development and management of big data processing systems for the U.S. intelligence community.

Jamey Heinze

Jamey Heinze is Senior Vice President and CMO In-Residence at Predictive Science. In this role he leads the company’s new client engagement and business development activities, drawing upon and sharing insights gleaned from 25 years of sales and marketing experience across technology industries.

Prior to joining Predictive Science, Heinze served as Chief Marketing Officer at CDS Global, a subsidiary of Hearst Corporation and the worldwide leader in business process outsourcing for the publishing industry. There he implemented a comprehensive, closed-loop marketing engine and drove the company’s efforts to cultivate awareness and generate demand in emerging markets.

Before CDS Global, Heinze led global demand generation for OpenText/Vignette, and data services product management for Level 3/Broadwing. Earlier in his career, he worked with Xerox, Sprint, MCI, and Worldcom in a variety of direct sales positions.

An alumnus of Penn State University, Jamey graduated with highest honors.

Phil Matheson

Phil has worked as a software engineer, manager, and architect for the past 15 years. Prior to joining Predictive Science, Phil worked for 6 years at Cartera Commerce, Inc. where he was a key member of the engineering and management teams that built several high traffic web properties for the financial industry.

After joining Predictive Science in 2013 as a Senior Architect, Phil began building the core of what would become the Predictive Science platform. In 2015 Phil was promoted to Vice President of Engineering where he maintains a hands-on approach and works closely with the engineering team to code and architect the next generation of features on a daily basis.

Rod Whisnant

Rod has worked as a technologist, product executive, and entrepreneur for more than 20 years, holding leadership roles in companies ranging from startups to enterprise players.

Prior to Predictive Science, Rod led Product & Engineering for the Dell subsidiary, Marketvine, which developed innovative SaaS solutions for large retailers. As a result, he is named in four patents. Rod is also the founder and CTO of CrowdMesh, a startup in the social media analysis space.

Rod’s passion for delivering creative solutions to customer problems makes him a natural leader for product development in areas including SaaS, big data, social media and eCommerce.

Phillip Ulberg

Phillip brings 15 years of experience in media technology, systems engineering, and IT leadership to his VP Technology and DevOps role at Predictive Science.

Before joining Predictive Science, Phillip worked as a cloud infrastructure engineer for Allegiance, Inc. and principal systems engineer for DTI and spent six years as a systems engineer for the Walt Disney Internet Group.

Smartphone Company Uncovers New Personas and Increases Revenues with Predictive Science

A fortune 1000 smart device company used Predictive Science technology to discover personas for the launch of a new smartphone. Using Predictive Science technology, they identified new, feature conscious, non-smartphone user personas as well as ways to uniquely target them, increasing SEM campaign impressions by 27.5% and total campaign revenues by 8%.

Consumer Electronics Company Increases Top of the Funnel Results by Engaging with Influencers

A Fortune 100 consumer electronics company worked with Predictive Science to identify key influencers relevant to specific, primary keywords. Predictive Science helped the client partner with key influencers resulting in top ten placement in organic search results. Search rankings increased rapidly and in a targeted fashion.  Our client got comparable results while avoiding the time and expense associated with a traditional advertising campaign.  


Consumer Electronics Company Increases Leads and Conversions Through Improved Persona Targeting

Faced with the challenge of increasing year-over-year revenue by $100 million, a Fortune 100 consumer electronics company turned to Predictive Science for help discovering new leads to boost revenue.  Predictive Science identified new personas and optimal marketing channels to for each personal leading to a 20% increase in leads and 2-5% increases in conversion rates.

Leading Airline Uses Big Data to Identify the Financial Impact of Bad Customer Experiences

Using big data and an array of proprietary algorithms, Predictive Science scores customer experience in real-time, giving clients a dynamic “Net Promoter” style Brand Score. Predictive Science used this Brand Score to help a leading airline benchmark brand sentiment and model the potential financial impact of negative customer experiences. For one widely publicized issue, Predictive Science predicted that absent adequate response, the airline could experience a 19% drop in Brand Score with a related financial losses of $300,000 per day.

Consumer Electronics Company Increases Online Conversions By Optimizing the Shopping Experience

A large consumer electronics Client worked with Predictive Science to identify a set of most-attainable personas and shopping experience changes to help improve conversion for these personas.  Predictive Science helped the company increase online conversions by 12% increase email conversion by 33% for the targeted personas.

Telecom Company Identifies Competitors’ Disgruntled Customers to Increase Market Share

Over 90% of potential American customers have already selected a cell phone carrier, meaning switchers have become increasingly important.   A Fortune 10 wireless provider engaged with Predictive Science to analyze their competitor’s customer journey to identify disgruntled customers who were most likely to switch.  Predictive Science applied look-alike modeling techniques to identify switching patterns behind a potential 50,000 subscriber increase.