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Data Scientists Who Know Marketing

Our team helps marketers discover and capture the value of their Big Data.


We provide marketing data best practices, use cases, governance models, data quality standards, resource plans, tool recommendations, and road maps.

captureData Centralization

Not only can we work with company data, but we also help marketers capture data from social networks, mobile devices, and other sources and systems.

mineAdvanced Analytics

Our data scientists and tools help marketers mine large quantities of data, benchmark efforts, validate data, correct trajectories, cluster & segment, and predict best outcomes and opportunities.

dashboardPredictive Applications

We help marketers turn data into action through the creation and deployment of reports, dashboards, predictive applications, and command centers.

Playbooks That Deliver Business Results

Proven best practices and technologies that drive impactful business results.

  • Ad Spend Optimizer

    Maximize digital ad spend by optimizing key word use, lowering ad buying costs, and improving ad placement results. Learn More

  • Customer Targeting

    Provide your sales team with a list of prospects, the products they are most likely to buy next, and a certainty of sale. Learn More

  • Rapid API Creator

    Why wait for your IT department to build out your APIs. We capture your content and rapidly create your APIs. Learn More

  • Content Accelerator

    Easily migrate content. Improve searches through better content tagging. Easily conduct content audits. Learn More

  • Data Camp

    Train your team on how to leverage company data for better decision making and analysis. Arm them with data tools. Learn More

  • Crisis Control Center

    Predict potential threats from digital data. Asses threat levels, predict revenue impact, forecast costs, and react in real-time. Learn More

  • Influencer Amplification

    Identify customers, partners, and segment influencers and identify behaviors that will influence them to select a defined outcome. Learn More

  • Gateway Analysis

    Build a central digital command center for all of your digital efforts that will return business value and maximize your digital spend. Learn More

  • Digital Intelligence Center

    Find out what products, courses, training, people have the greatest impact on a specific outcome. Learn More

  • More Coming…

    Predictive Science continues to build enterprise marketing playbooks that help drive immediate business value. 


Products That Amaze Marketers

High performance products that are easy to handle and highly customizable.



Predictive Dashboard

Framework To Create Advanced Visualizations.



We help marketers turn data into action through the creation and deployment of reports, dashboards, data driven applications, and command centers.


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Predictive Data Hub

Advanced Analytics Platform.



To take full advantage of all your data sources, you need an intelligent, full-featured central repository that allows you to easily store, analyze, and report actionable insights.


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Serving Fortune 1000 Companies.









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